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3D Reptile Rock Background

3D Reptile Rock Background

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Reptile One Copirock 3D Reptile Rock Background

Reptile One Copirock 3D Reptile Rock Background is the perfect addition to your reptile's home. Its realistic rock theme is three-dimensional and provides an aesthetic appeal while also allowing your pet to explore and climb. Made from 100% safe, non-toxic material, this background ensures the safety of your reptile.

Suitable for Coldwater, Tropical and Marine
Suitable for Reptiles and Amphibians

  • Adds 3D dimensions to your aquarium or terrarium
  • Seamless joints when using two or more pieces
  • Grid lines allow for easy trimming and a perfect fit
  • Ledges create extra dimension while allowing reptiles to climb, bask and explore (available for items #46270, #46271 and #46272)
  • Easy to clean for a more hygienic environment
  • Sizes: 55cm x 55cm, 85cm x 55cm, and 115 x 55cm
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Customer Reviews

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Great product. Looks so good in my enclosure. Was slightly too large but easy to trim to size.