Reptile Licenses

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Sydney Reptiles is a family owned reptile store located in the western Sydney suburb of Canebrook. We are reptile keepers and breeders and our dream was to create a specialty store that caters for all your reptile needs.

Wether you are looking to buy a bearded dragon, snake, skink or gecko, we can assist you with the purchase and set up your new reptile in an appropriate new enclosure.
Our reptile enclosures are made on site and designed to suit Bearded dragons, carpet pythons, children's pythons, blue tongue lizards, goannas and geckos. All the fittings in our enclosures are the best quality for optimal health of your reptile.

We are passionate about education and proper reptile care. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and follow up support. We offer reptile based content on our YouTube channel to cover all commonly asked questions relating to Bearded Dragons, Snakes and Blue Tongue lizards.

Stop into our Emu Plains store today and browse our selection of top-quality reptile supplies.

Did you know that it is a requirement in NSW and most other states to have a valid licence to purchase and own a reptile? This process is quick, simple and in-expensive. There are two types of license:
1) Companion Animal Keepers License - Allows you to keep one specified reptile from an approved list.
2) Native Animal Keepers License - Allows you to keep an unlimited amount of reptiles from an approved list.
Follow the link to the Service NSW website for license conditions and application.